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Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Fees and Fee Payment under the Hague System
Hague users can access various E-Systems and can use different methods to make payments to WIPO when filing the international design applications and renewing the international registrations. This webinar intends to show users how to use WIPO’s payment’s means to avoid delays in the submission and processing of requests. Participants will be provided with an overview of the Hague System’s applicable fee structure, as well as tips to maximize the Fee calculator to establish cost estimate for filing IA. Benefits of holding and using a current WIPO account and thanks to keep in mind.
Experts from the Hague System and from the WIPO Finance Division will be available to answer any specific question and provide tips fees and fee payments to participants.
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Max Germeil
Associate Market Analyst @The Hague Development and Promotion Section of the Hague Registry, Brands and Designs Sector, WIPO